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Wow, three years since I posted. I should fix that. Art skill is coming along, so hopefully there'll be more to show for it soon.
is testing this program.

Happy Halloween :)

I'm a day late, but Happy Halloween, folks :)

Inle and I went to Rocky Horror last night, and it was awesome. The guy playing Riff Raff was insanely good at it. He had the stance, the creepy smirk, and the voice all down pat. I told him afterwards that if I could do Riff as convincingly as he did, I'd probably never stop and always be in character. The whole cast seemed very friendly, and we should totally go again once we find out what times they perform. It may just be at Halloween, which would be unfortunate. The cast is called the Latter Day Transvestites, which amuses me.

Don't forget to set your clocks back at 2am tonight. I'll write more when I can think of something. Life is going well, mostly more of the same.
Home from gaming at 1am.. Trying to decide if I'm tired.


I've been trying to motivate myself to finish writing all the thank you cards for our wedding this weekend. I think I can probably swing it, judging from my progress so far. Even if not, I think I'll have made a big enough dent in them that I can finish them up pretty quickly after that.

Gaming last night was pretty fun even though we were missing a chunk of our group. Some of us are going to go see Hellboy 2 this evening sometime, hopefully that will be good. The first one was alright, but I've never been the comic book reading type so I may not have appreciated it as much as some. Went and saw Wanted the other day, which was pretty good but I generally prefer endings that don't involve everyone dying.

I was offered a new position at work the other day, which I accepted. I'll be moving over to the actual billing service side of things, which is what I originally applied for anyway. The pay will be better, and I think it will be more interesting, so it'll be a good move. I got permission from my boss to get a resume from one of my old coworkers, if she wants my current/old position, so we'll see how that goes. It'd be a lot less of a commute for her.

Anyway, trying to get into the habit of posting more often.

Roller Coaster

There have been good and bad things since I last updated. Every time I think I should post something, I tell myself that I should wait til after X because then I'll really have something to post about.. so now I have several moderately post-worthy things to try to cram into one posting. I'll attempt to be brief. I'll start with the bad news, because there's less of it and that way the good news can cheer everyone up afterwards.

The Bad:

I used to work for a helicopter company, a few months ago, I may have mentioned this. I still refer to 'our' helicopters because I worked with them and the people there still seem kind of like family, so bear with my usage of the not-entirely-accurate-anymore term. Yesterday, my mom called me and read me a newspaper article. Apparently on June 29th, one of our life flight helicopters collided with another life flight helicopter at Flagstaff Medical Center. Six were killed, including at least one patient on board. I believe one of our flight nurses is in critical condition. The article didn't say who the fatalities were, though I know one person who it isn't since he gave the statement for the newspaper. I'm a little surprised anyone gave a statement - I didn't think they were supposed to do that, since the FAA will be investigating and things can be taken as accepting blame. I'm told that it's best to just keep quiet and let the FAA give the verdicts once the investigation is over. I didn't know any of the Page people very well, so the likelihood that I'd done much more than heard the name or seen once or twice anyone involved is fairly slim. But when your company doesn't consist of more than 30 or so employees, it still feels pretty close to home. Helicopter crashes are horrible.

Now, on to The Good:

I got married on June 21st :) Really, that's about as Good as it gets. We took a little under 2 weeks off of work (unpaid, ouch) and it was great. Inle's parents were in town visiting for a good chunk of it, so I got to know them pretty well. Rain came to visit for a few days too, which was my first time meeting her. I still think I'll have to drag her out here from Portland and keep her around instead of letting her fly away again. It was an all around good time with everyone, and we had things to do every day. That was a little tiring on our 'vacation', friends over to game and movies and all kinds of things, but it was still fun. Getting back to work is a little meh, but being married is way neat. It's not much different than being engaged, but that still equates to way neat.

Also, there are pictures! My mom gave me a CD of pictures that one of my cousins took at our wedding reception. There aren't a ton, and the ratio of pictures containing just my little nephew is considerably smaller than if my parents had been taking them. I think there are a few more cameras to raid, but I'll post more as I get them.

Yay New Job

Well, the subject says it all, sort of. I've been busy lately, thus my lack of posting. I got called for two interviews for that medical billing job I mentioned I sent my resume to, and within a couple days of the first one they called me and offered me the job. I talked to several people about it, whether I should do it and such, but eventually I called back and accepted. There are several pros and cons, but I think the pros won out in this case. I've been working there for.. it'll be three weeks on Monday (Memorial Day) since I started May 5, and so far it's been a good job. The people are nice, management communicates, and most of the time I have something to do. My amount of busy-time versus idle-time is getting better as they give me more responsibilities. Overall, it's a fulfilling job.

We were going to go to CONduit today, but I think that's been postponed til tomorrow so we can take Sy with us, and not be rushed by the impending gamers coming over at 7ish. I'm drawing a bit more lately and improving my stock of art supplies, so I think I'm heading in the right direction.

Check and Check

Mom called me this morning with a fax number to send my resume to for that medical transcription job, so away it went. Haven't heard back yet but I'm not too worried. I also called this new doctor my mom and my coworker recommended and set up an appointment for earlier today. It went pretty well, and now I'm on a new antibiotic. Hopefully this one will finally kill whatever is making me cough. Time to go to dinner with the folks in a few, plus finish up the scrapbook page I need to make for my uncle, and then official weekendness can begin. Woo!

Job Hunting Sucks!

Well, I'm not officially out of a job yet. I do, however, have it on good authority that literally all of my coworkers are looking for better opportunities, and some have submitted applications elsewhere. Our records lady almost took a job managing aircraft records in Iraq and would have if it hadn't fallen through at the last minute. Management is looking very poor and making some awfully hairbrained decisions. Rules only apply to the peons, while the salaried management folk and important people like pilots get away with whatever they'd like. Our benefits have been reduced, they've changed the way they calculate overtime (this doesn't affect me so much, but it screws over a lot of our boys in the field), and all kinds of other things that have raised the mutinous whisperings around the place to more of a low roar. I don't think the company will go under for awhile; owning ten helicopters that could theoretically be sold for over a million dollars apiece will keep them afloat for a bit at least. With such a massive turnover on the horizon and not much hope of things improving, I'm thinking it's a good idea to look at my options.

Scanners and Helicopters

I've been thinking that it would be neat to have a scanner, with which to scan some of the various drawings I'm making on my way to being actually useful with this pencil thing. I told this thought to my mom, who promptly bestowed her old, large, heavy, flatbed scanner upon me, since she no longer needed it (she's since purchased an all-in-one that works fine for her uses). I was kind of hoping she might do something like that. Unfortunately, the poor old beast of a scanner is probably at least 10 years old and has a parallel cable connection. Craig's computer has a parallel port, so we plugged it in there. The cable is only about two feet long so it took a little work to make everything reach. About two hours of trying every driver under the sun, still no good. The company that made the scanner has so long ago been bought out by another one and the drivers unsupported, etc, that the prospects didn't look good. We finally gave up on it. After some perusing various reviews and Newegg, I ordered a new one that looks quite decent, for only $70. It should arrive Monday at the latest. I'm anxious to give it a try. It isn't a large format one like my mom's, but I figure 8.5x11 is good enough for now.

I'm still down with the plague, but I toughed out most of a day of work today, only came home an hour or so early. As I was leaving, the sound of helicopter was loud and constant, and a look behind our hangar showed our chief pilot apparently doing some long-line practice with one of our new pilots. I stood and watched for a few minutes. That stuff is scary; I'd never watched from the ground while anyone but our chief pilot flew it. I'm not sure which pilot was up there, but the helicopter was swaying and bucking all over the place. I half expected to see something dangerous happen. Long-lining is when a helicopter lifts something by way of a long cord (I think they're 100ft), requiring precision in lifting it the right amount, in the right direction, and holding it as still as possible when needed. I'd heard through the grapevine that we were getting some new pilots with little-to-no long-line experience, and apparently that was one. I've also heard that it's a fairly dangerous thing.. and can see why. I guess we've all got to start somewhere.